JavaScript Design Patterns

December 9, 2014
Reading Time: 1 minute

While in the process of needing to add some more complex functionality to my current ordering system project, I knew that I needed to start tackling the implementation for a number of design patterns for the front end. I finally took the time over the weekend to sit down and learn the ones that I needed to use and incorporated them with a basic AngularJS/Bootstrap/JQuery template.

Removing everything but exactly what I was trying to accomplish made understanding and implementing the patterns much more reasonable, as well as efficient.

I created a github repo to put them into in the event anyone else is looking to actually learn some design patterns in JavaScript as well. Check it out here:

I’ve so far implemented the following patterns:

  • Factory
  • Command
  • Memento
  • State
  • Strategy
  • Visitor
  • Chaining
  • Lazy Load

Hope this helps anyone out there looking to implement the same things themselves.


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