MEAN Stack – Full Test Sample Application

August 28, 2015
Reading Time: 1 minute

In order to help the development community at large, I thought I’d push out the app that I had used in my write up for testing the MEAN┬ástack. You can check it out on github here:

It still has some work needing to be done to it, but enough is currently done to help others get started with fully testing their MEAN apps.

I’d like to get it to the point, where it’s the perfect sample project for someone new to the MEAN stack to be able to review, pick up some best practices and see exactly how to do the testing that’s involved (especially testing all of the isolate scope parts of an AngularJS directive!).

JavaScript Design Patterns

December 9, 2014
Reading Time: 1 minute

While in the process of needing to add some more complex functionality to my current ordering system project, I knew that I needed to start tackling the implementation for a number of design patterns for the front end. I finally took the time over the weekend to sit down and learn the ones that I needed to use and incorporated them with a basic AngularJS/Bootstrap/JQuery template.

Removing everything but exactly what I was trying to accomplish made understanding and implementing the patterns much more reasonable, as well as efficient.

I created a github repo to put them into in the event anyone else is looking to actually learn some design patterns in JavaScript as well. Check it out here:

I’ve so far implemented the following patterns:

  • Factory
  • Command
  • Memento
  • State
  • Strategy
  • Visitor
  • Chaining
  • Lazy Load

Hope this helps anyone out there looking to implement the same things themselves.