Unable to connect to local XAMPP installation over the LAN

October 29, 2014
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I’ve only had this problem on OSX after I recently upgraded to v1.8.3-4 and v1.8.3-5 on OSX Yosemite. It may exist on Linux and Windows, however, it may not.

I could always connect to my local installation over my LAN when it’s running until I 1) Upgraded to OSX Yosemite, and 2) Upgraded XAMPP. Googling the issue returned me 0 results. It wasn’t until I attempted to connect to the XAMPP installation, BEFORE I changed the default document directory in Apache that I was confronted with the area to look for a solution.

In the file: /Applications/XAMPP/xaamppfiles/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf – Lines 59 – 65

59 # New XAMPP security concept
60 #
61 #
62 #<LocationMatch “^/(?i:(?:xampp|security|licenses|phpmyadmin|webalizer|server-status|server-info))”>
63 # Require local
64 # ErrorDocument 403 /error/XAMPP_FORBIDDEN.html.var
65 #</LocationMatch>

Comment these out and restart apache. You’ll then be able to remotely connect to the installation.

I’m sure some people may have an issue with this being commented out, but if I care, I can just stop the apache service if I’m on a public network, and/or just uncomment these sections.

My current workflow requires me to cross browser tests from about 5 different OS’ and multiple browsers on each, so I need to have LAN access to my local XAMPP installation.

Hope this helps anyone else wondering what in the world the problem is.

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