AngularJS Error: $compile:multidir Multiple Directive Resource Contention

May 12, 2015
Reading Time: 1 minute

I recently had been working on an upgrade from 1.2.x to 1.3.x branch of AngularJS for this project I’ve been working on.

While doing this, I got this error:

Clicking on the link the Chrome console brought me to the AngularJS page giving me more details on the error thrown. It said that two different directives had a conflict with each other.

However, the code snippet gave me about 0 details, and the information was still, while something, a bit archaic.

The notes on the page mention to do a few different things to resolve it:

I checked the first scenario, and it wasn’t the case for the directive. I removed the third scenario, and it still was thrown. Next I checked to see if there was a directive naming conflict with ack:

Scrolling through the list to look at the filenames, I noticed that a third party library had the exact same name as one of my directive names. Building the library to not include that filename resolved my issue, and after a few more bug fixes, I successfully upgraded my app to the 1.3.x branch. It’s a LOT faster! I highly suggest upgrading your app as soon as possible.

If you would like to read the full write up of lessons learned which includes more of the issues I ran into, as well as a pretty solid list of the different resources I used to resolve many of the upgrade issues read this post:

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